Pharmaceuticals and Home Care

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Local Representative: Lisa Wiles
Phone Number: 517-819-5711

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Click to learn more about Aptevo Therapeutics


Bayer Logo

Local Representative: Doug Stewart
Phone Number: 517-575-5669

Click to learn more about Kogenate FS
Click to learn more about Kovaltry



Biogen Logo

CoRe Manager: Shelley Gerson

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CSL Behring Logo

Local Representative: Jean Huebner

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Local Representative: Mike Principe
Phone Number: 216-533-9193


Click to learn more about Changing Possibilities in Hemophilia
Click to learn more about Novo Seven




Local representative: Chris Liddell
Pfizer Inc.
Patient Affairs Liaison
Phone Number: 248-660-7384

Pfizer Hemophilia Connect
Phone Number: 1-800-989-HEMO (4366) 

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Local Representative: Kevin Maxwell
Phone Number: 313-418-4721

Local Representative: Andy Bennett
Phone Number: 810-625-4278

Click to learn more about Adynovate
Click to learn more about Baxalta now part of Shire

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