Are You Utilizing Your Resources? Learn how your HTC PT can help you!

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Learn the many ways physical therapists provide support for bleeding disorder patients.

Sherry Herman-Hilker 

October is National Physical Therapy Month! Physical Therapists (PT) are an integral part of the Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC). Your HTC PT is a specialist in the care of people with bleeding disorders, but he or she can help with or direct you to other therapists who can help with a variety of things!

Things you can ask your PT about besides joint and muscle bleeds:

  • strength and conditioning
  • joint protection
  • pain management
  • balance, coordination, and falls
  • pelvic pain or incontinence
  • workout planning
  • vocational and career considerations
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • selecting shoes and footwear
  • concerns about developmental delays in children
  • recess and gym class and IEP’s or 504 plans at school
  • sports and activity selection and adaptations
  • sports injury management
  • post injury rehabilitation
  • orthotics, splints, and bracing
  • mobility equipment; wheelchairs/walkers/canes
  • back care and proper lifting
  • headaches
  • pain

Thank you to our HTC physical therapists for all that they do to support their patients!

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