COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Updated on January, 2023 

HFM continues to recommend vaccinations/boosters and use of masks as preventative measures against the spread of Covid-19. However, we will no longer require proof of vaccination to attend in-person events. Masking, temperature checks, and other protocols may take place based on current Covid data and can vary from event to event.* This change in policy is based on our current understanding of the severity and prevalence of Covid-19 and may be adjusted in the future as we deem necessary.   

We would like to thank all for your support, patience, understanding, and kindness as we navigate this continued, unprecedented situation. 

*If deemed necessary, HFM may enact the following requirements and procedures:


Participants of HFM events and programs two years of age and older may be required to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose. 

Masking guidelines for meals will vary with individual venues. 

Gaiters, bandanas, and masks with ventilation valves will not be considered appropriate masking.  


Upon your arrival to an HFM event, you may be provided with a health screening questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms.  
If you arrive with symptoms, you and the members of your party will not be permitted to join any portion of the in-person event, including meals. If the event required payment, you will be fully reimbursed.  


Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. (Including eligible children.)  

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