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Hemophilia is a very expensive disease to treat.  The average cost for the medicine is $150,000 - $250,000 per year.  The Michigan Department of Community Health, through Children’s Special Health Services, provides the following for individuals and families with Hemophilia:

  • Access to treatment at one of the 9 Hemophilia Treatment Centers throughout Michigan
  • Allows them to participate in home care rather than seeking treatment at an emergency room
  • Allows those that are able, to be employed
  • Allows them to lead relatively normal productive lives

Without these adult services the following may occur:

  • Frequent trips to the emergency room for treatment
  • Will need to qualify for Medicaid program, which is more costly to the state of Michigan
  • If they are working, they will have to stop working
  • If they are married, they may have to divorce their spouse so that they can continue to work
  • Without the adult provision in CSHCS, program costs will increase by as much as ten times 

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