HFM’s chapter newsletter, The Artery, celebrates the Michigan bleeding disorders community and provides information on HFM events, programs and services. We love to highlight members of our community and share the many ways we support one another.

The Artery is published three times a year and is available online and in printed format. More than 3,000 households receive each edition of The Artery by mail and through online channels. If you would like a hard copy of The Artery or want to be added to our email or postal mailing list, please call us at 734-544-0015.

FALL 2019

Celebrating HFM’s 50 years of Camp Bold Eagle and so much more!


HFM’S Team unveils updated website, and all the latest HFM news and events!

Winter 2018

Featuring HFM’s first-ever National Conference for Women with Hemophilia as an amazing success!

fall 2018

Featuring CBE’s 50th Summer Educating & Empowering Kids with Bleeding Disorders.


The Advocacy Issue: Connecting Community Members to their Representatives.

Winter 2017

Nearly 100 community members attended HFM’s Butterfly Breakfast at the Cider Mill.

Fall 2017

HFM’s Eagle Journeys: fun family, friendship, and so much more!

Spring/summer 2017

Featuring SpringFest 2017 Waves of Change, adoption opportunities and HFM in Sri Lanka!

Winter 2016

HFM Celebrates 60 Years of Service to the Michigan Bleeding Disorder Community?

Fall 2016

The Camp Issue.  Eagle Journeys: Camp Bold Eagle | Eagle Quest | Eagle Expedition | Eagle Outpost.


SpringFest 2016!  Fun for All!

Winter 2015

HFM’s Regional von Willebrand Disease Conference, Annual Regional Meeting, Valuable Adoption information and so much more.