What are Inhibitors

Some patients develop an immune response to the medications used to treat hemophilia. The immune system is the primary defense system of the body against disease and foreign agents. For these patients, the immune system produces antibodies that “inhibit” clot formation by destroying the clotting factor before it has a chance to stop the bleeding. The reason for a patient developing inhibitors is still not entirely clear and the presence of an inhibitor makes treating bleeds more difficult. Standard treatment does not work, and other methods to control bleeding must be used. 

Your experience matters

Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan aims to provide effective techniques to decrease isolation and increase connection and understanding for patients and families of those living with hemophilia A or B and an inhibitor. We want to hear from you. If you would like to share your experiences about living with hemophilia and an inhibitor, or be connected to other individuals in the state, contact us below. 

HFM thanks Genentech for their support of HFM’s work with community members living with inhibitors.

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