The Hemophilia Adoption Program is a groundbreaking worldwide outreach program advocating for children with hemophilia in need of forever families.

HFM’s Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, Shari Luckey, oversees the Hemophilia Adoption Program. Shari has 4 children of her own with bleeding disorders, the youngest, adopted from China in 2010. Shari brings a valuable network of connections within the adoption community who inform her of orphaned children with hemophilia around the world.

As orphaned children with hemophilia are located, Shari works to connect the children to forever families in the United States. Once a child is matched to a family, HFM provides support to the adoption family by connecting them to the hemophilia adoption community as well as local bleeding disorders organizations and Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

HFM provides educational materials and resources about hemophilia adoption at various intervals during the process. Encouragement continues while the family travels to meet their child, but does not end once the child is home.

The Hemophilia Adoption Community began as a grass-roots effort and has slowly grown over the past seven years with dozens of children with hemophilia now home in the U.S.A. and several more pending.

If you would like more information about Hemophilia Adoption please contact Shari Luckey at sluckey@hfmich.org.

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It is hard to believe that Adrian is now 5 years old. He has been waiting in a Social Welfare Institute (SWI) in Asia for four long years for a forever family of his very own. The last update we received about Adrian from 2017 indicated he was making positive progress. But the love, safety, and medical treatment that he could receive from a permanent family cannot be matched in his current situation.

This precious young boy needs a forever home.





Frequently Asked Questions about Hemophilia Adoption

If you’re considering adoption of a child with hemophilia, you likely have a lot of questions.

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