The Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan (HFM) strives to improve the quality of life for all people affected by hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, other coagulation disorders, and related complications.

HFM was founded in 1956 as an all-volunteer chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation, and in 1969, started the first-ever summer camp for children with bleeding disorders, now called Camp Bold Eagle. Our camp mission, which carries over to all our youth programming, is to educate and empower children, teens, and young adults with bleeding disorders to live a life of freedom and independence.

In addition to traditional camp activities, we pride ourselves on offering a can-do experience at camp. Adult leaders, often impacted by bleeding disorders themselves, together with compassionate medical care providers, come together to provide safe, yet challenging experiences for our campers. By learning how to manager their disorders, campers are able to take “Eagle Steps” toward possibilities rather than limitations.

HFM’s camping programs have now grown to seven weeks of camp each summer in order to provide the magic of camp to more than 200 children and adults with bleeding disorders.


Susan Fenters Lerch

Executive Director // slerch@hfmich.org

Susan Fenters Lerch is an accomplished leader who has served in the non-profit sector for more than three decades. Sue joined HFM as the Executive Director in June 2014; however she came to this role having previously served as the HFM Associate Director from 1983-1996. As the Executive Director, Susan not only oversees all of the camping programs, but she is responsible for statewide patient educational programming and advocacy services and also serves as the Great Lakes and Region V-East Hemophilia Treatment Centers’ Regional Director.

Tim Wicks

Camp Director/Youth Services Manager // twicks@hfmich.org

Tim Wicks is the Camp Director and Youth Services Manager for the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan. He is responsible for the year round components of Camp Bold Eagle, Eagle Outpost, Eagle Expedition, Eagle Quest, and the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program. Tim was raised outside of Deshler, Ohio and holds a BS from Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Prior to HFM, he was employed as Outdoor Education Instructor at Michindoh Camp and Conference Center. Tim has worked with HFM as a camp staff member since 2000, and even participated in the camping programs as a teenager. He also has severe hemophilia A.

Anthony Stevens

Educational Services Manager/ Associate Camp Director // astevens@hfmich.org

Anthony is the Educational Services Manager / Associate Camp Director for the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan. Anthony oversees the Swims Detroit program and supports the Camp Director in managing camping programs throughout the year. With a Bachelor of Science in mass communications from Rochester College, Anthony also supports our communications team. Anthony has volunteered with HFM since 2001 and won the volunteer of the year award in 2006-2007. Anthony lives in Dearborn with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

Amy Hepper, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Hepper oversees all of HFM’s camping programs as the Medical Director, specifically managing the medical students who serve as counselors, as well as being responsible for the medical care provided at camp. She is a pediatrician at the University of Michigan Critical Care Special Services department. Dr. Hepper attended the University of Michigan medical school, where she completed a rotation at Camp Bold Eagle as part of her medical school training, and later returned as a Resident Physician for another summer at Camp Bold Eagle.

Sarah Spencer, MPA, BSN, RN

Camp Health Officer // sspencer@hfmich.org

Sarah is the Camp Health Officer for HFM’s camping programs. Sarah has a public health nursing background and has attended both Camp Bold Eagle and Eagle Outpost as a volunteer nurse for four years and counting. Sarah has four children several of whom have participated as campers at Camp Bold Eagle in the past. Sarah looks forward to collaborating closely with Diana Mathis, who has led the Health Center at camp since the early 2000s. Together they will work to ensure that the efforts of all the healthcare professionals involved in the camping programs create the safest, healthiest, and most educational environment possible.


The following HTCs partner with HFM in providing health care to our campers

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