Ask your child about camp! Here are some suggested starter questions.

  • Who did you enjoy spending time with at camp?
  • How many times did you go swimming?
  • What did you make in arts and crafts?
  • Sing me a silly song you learned!
  • What did you learn about your bleeding disorder?
  • What did you do at Hi-C (health education)?
  • How did you feel about being away from your iPad/computer/TV for the week?
  • Did you go on a nature walk? What did you see?
  • How did you like walking to the bathrooms at night?
  • Was your flashlight handy?
  • Did you go canoeing? Paddle boating? Stand-up paddle boarding?
  • How many fish did you catch?
  • What was your cabin like?
  • Did you hit the target or make a bullseye at archery?
  • What was your favorite food?
  • Who was the silliest person at camp?
  • Did you play Nuk-em? (altered volleyball) How about GaGa?
  • Did you catch any bugs?
  • Did you jump off the raft?
  • What was it like swimming in a lake?
  • Sing me a silly song you learned!
  • What was your favorite evening program?
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