Camp Bold Eagle  

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Deadline is May 26, 2017 

Session 1 (ages 6-9): July 9-13, 2017 

Session 2 (ages 10-12): July 15-21, 2017

Session 3 (ages 13-17): July 23-July 29, 2017


Every day is a new adventure

From archery and arts and crafts to fishing and campfires, fun is the name of the game at Camp Bold Eagle.  Campers are encouraged to try new activities, make new friends and take home new memories. Our dedicated staff, many former campers themselves, are all devoted to providing your child with the best camp experience possible.

He’s not the only one.

For possibly the first time, your child will be surrounded by peers who have also faced the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder.  They will learn from each other, from their counselors and from the many adult volunteers about ways to manage their disorder both medically and socially.  Camp is a place where kids who sometimes feel like outsiders find themselves on the inside.

Your child sprouts wings.

Camp is an experiment in independence for all children, but for children with bleeding disorders, camp is a place where they can learn the valuable skills they need in order to become independent teens and adults. 

Our two health awards encourage campers to take personal responsibility for the treatment of their disorder.

Butterfly Award for campers who learn to self-infuse while at camp.

Dragonfly Award for campers who use other ways to control bleeding and complete training on their disorder.

She grows up among friends.

Campers at Bold Eagle tend to return year after year, and together graduate to HFM’s other camping programs.  After Bold Eagle, campers can choose a variety of other camp programs to suit their interests.  Many children who meet at camp become lifelong friends and find themselves in the middle of one of the strongest support systems available.



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