HIRED:  An employment program at
Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan

What is HIRED, HFM’s interactive resource for employment and development?

  • Our new employment program was developed to support individuals with bleeding disorders by providing support while seeking employment, find work, find support for employment hurdles and/or access more education for greater employment.

Who can participate?

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.

How does it work?

  • There are three separate and distinct areas to help individuals.
  • Career assessment, advocacy and placement:  HIRED staff will assist with focusing in on the skills a person possesses that will most assist them with obtaining meaningful employment. Through relationships that HIRED has established with employers, a job might be available shortly.  HIRED will also help with resume and development of cover letters, as well as printing and faxing application materials. If a new or current employer is ignorant about the needs of an employee with a bleeding disorder, HIRED staff can assist by meeting with the employer and providing in-depth information about employees living with a bleeding disorder.
  • Resource Support: HIRED can offer modest financial support for items that individuals need to successfully navigate the interview process, and get off to the right start at a new job. Some examples are: work appropriate clothing, cost of training, cost to get personal records, and transportation. Also, for individuals who wish to return to school for additional education, HIRED will assist with applications including financial aid.
  •  Skill building opportunities: HIRED will host bi-monthly educational workshops, which will help participants develop skills that are needed in many work environments. These skills include job interviewing and work processing skills such as learning Microsoft Excel and Word.

Where this is happening?

  • The Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan office will host the following:
    • Bi-monthly skills workshops
    • Office space for individuals to work on resumes and cover letters
    • Office space for individuals to work remotely for businesses

HFM is located at: 1921 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, MI.

Why is HFM providing these services?

  • The HFM staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of the bleeding disorder community. Employment is a challenge for some community members, and in order to assist them, HFM will provide the above services. Although there are other agencies in the area that can also be of assistance, HFM can provide the unique mix of services adapted specifically for those meeting the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder.
  • There is also very little research that has been collected on work challenges for people with bleeding disorders. This project seeks to assess the challenges our community faces, and hopefully provide suggestions for successful programs.

Who should I contact about getting involved with HIRED?

Nick Gamber at 734.961.3510 

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