Contact Your Representative

Find Who Represents You on the State Level and Federal Level

Step 1: Introduce yourself

Step 2: Share the facts

Ask if the person you are talking to is familiar with bleeding disorders. If not, share the facts about bleeding disorders in Michigan.

Step 3: Make it personal

Share your experience and work to connect with your representative.

Step 4: What’s your ask?

Tell them why you are calling; what can they do for you?

Step 5: Be polite

…and say thank you.

Meet With Your Representative

  • Make an appointment. Contact your representative’s office or plan to visit during one of their coffee hours. You can contact HFM’s Advocacy Manager (email link) for assistance.
  • Be prepared. Bring photos, information on bleeding disorders, and facts to support your position.
  • Be patient. Legislators have busy schedules and may not always be on time. Remember, coffee hours can be very busy and you might not have a chance to talk one on one
  • Share your story–make it personal.
  • Say thank you. Thank them and send a follow up email highlighting the points of your meeting.

Download the HFM Talking Points

Not sure what to say? Download HFM’s legislator talking points here.

Connect on Social Media:

Almost all members of the Michigan Legislature are on Twitter and Facebook. The more touch points you make, the more likely they will remember you and your cause.