SEP 26, 2020

Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk–Detroit


Hello Friends,

The question on the mind of many has been: Are we still having the walk?  At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed as though having our walks in the traditional sense was quite possible… and something that we were looking forward to!  But as time has marched forward, it has become quite clear that our walk is going to look different this year. We are not going to be together physically, but that does not mean that we are not UNITEd!

Are we still having the walk?  YES!  This is how:

We care about the health and safety of our walkers.  Therefore, every walker will be a virtual walker this year.  This means that you can walk a distance of your choice, and our gathering will be on-line.  (More details to come!)  We are working hard to make sure that this is a meaningful, rewarding, and FUN experience!

Here are some important changes:

  • No Registration Fee!!!  That is correct.  As we have shared in the past, registration fees are NOT fundraising. The purpose of a fee was to help underwrite the actual costs to host the physical walk (food, signage, etc.)  A virtual event does not include these hard costs, therefore we will not be charging this fee.  Hooray!
  • The Unite t-shirt will be provided to anyone raising $25+. This is a standard set by NHF for walks that do not charge a registration fee.  We want you to get that t-shirt, though, so please fundraise!
  • The incentive program has new items!  Be sure to check them out:  wireless speakers, wireless earbuds, luggage.
  • Stay tuned for contests, updates, challenges, and details on how the walk day will unfold.

I am so looking forward to “walking” with you!

-Carrie McCulloch-
Special Events Manager
Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan


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