OCT 26, 2021

HFM Ruby Connection: Pelvic Physical Therapy


Join HFM’s women’s group, the Ruby Connection, at 7-8pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Adult women in the bleeding disorders community come together for online social experiences that include an educational speaker or activity and connection with other women in the community. The group is open to women affected with a bleeding disorder or involved in the bleeding disorder community. 


TOPIC: Pelvic Physical Therapy in Women with Bleeding Disorders: More than “Bikini Medicine”

Lena Volland, PT, DPT, Director of Education, National Hemophilia Foundation

Did you know that physical therapists are uniquely trained to address pelvic health? In this presentation we will learn more about the anatomy and functionality of the female pelvic region as well as discuss pelvic floor dysfunctions. We will also uncover how these can be connected to bleeding disorders and the innovative ways physical therapy can improve quality of life.

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