SEP 16, 2020

Dinner Talk: A New Approach to Treating Hemophilia A


Join us on September 16 at 6p for the Dinner Talk, A New Approach to Treating Hemophilia A: The Path to the Shielded Living Therapeutics ™ Platform.

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Innovation of the next generation of therapies for hemophilia A has had its share of successes and challenges. We will explore this history–what has been done, what lessons have been learned, and how Sigilon’s Shielded Living Therapeutics™ platform has the potential to be the answer in harnessing the power of the cell.

Rogerio Vivaldi, MD, MBA
President, Chief Executive Officer

HFM will treat attendees to dinner during this educational program.
Please note, Sigilon Therapeutics is not affiliated with the meals provided by HFM.
Order carryout or delivery and send a photo of your itemized receipt to Laura at You will be reimbursed for your meal (up to $30 per family). Please note that we are unable to reimburse alcohol purchases.

HFM does not endorse any specific product or company. 

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