HFM believes that greater access to health insurance is the best way to improve patients’ adherence to their treatment, which in turn improves patients’ health outcomes and the overall cost of care decreases. After Michigan expanded Medicaid to childless adults between 100-138% of the federal poverty limit, 600,000 Michiganders gained coverage. However, states are concerned regarding the rising cost of health care, which is rising faster in state Medicaid programs than commercial insurance, and are proposing various techniques to manage their Medicaid budgets.

One change to Medicaid would require able-bodied adults to work or attend school in order to receive benefits, i.e. ‘work requirements.’ Michigan passed a work requirements bill in July 2018. HFM will continue to monitor the progress of the program to ensure bleeding disorders patients continue to be exempt from the requirements.

HFM is also monitoring access to prescription drugs in Medicaid. Other states have made changes to their preferred drug lists that restrict the availability of certain factor products. Michigan currently covers all factor products through Medicaid fee-for-service. HFM monitors any change to Medicaid’s coverage and will share updates if they should occur.

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